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Based on what was being talked about in the group chat, Akito and Keisei had gotten the same things.

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I went into my room and lined up all of the chocolates on my desk.

“I never expected to get five of them…”

Kei, Airi, Haruka, Hiyori, and… one more.

It was a box of chocolates all wrapped up with a lovely pink ribbon.

Later that night, just after ten, I went back out into the hallway wearing a hoodie over some of my casual clothing and got onto the elevator.

The surveillance camera inside the elevator shouldn’t have been able to catch my face.

It was a pre-emptive measure just in case something went wrong. In the first place, it would’ve been ideal for us to meet up somewhere else, but nothing could be done about it if she really did have to recuperate from an illness.

Given that, it wouldn’t even be strange for her to be sleeping at this time of night. To check for this, I had Horikita let me know how to get in contact with Ichinose ahead of time. I had already sent her a text message and confirmed that she was still awake, so I moved forward with my plan.

However, I still hadn’t told Ichinose that I would be going to her room.

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I got off the elevator on Ichinose’s floor and went to her door. I rang the doorbell and waited. Ten seconds passed. Then twenty seconds.

I didn’t hear anything from inside the room, so I rang the doorbell once again.

It was only natural for Ichinose to be confused about a visit this late at night.

After about thirty more seconds, I decided to call out to her.

“Ichinose, it’s me. Ayanokōji.”

It would’ve been a problem for me to linger around on her floor after curfew had already set in.

Ichinose should’ve understood this as well.

She wouldn’t be alright with carelessly exposing somebody else to a dangerous situation like that.