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At that moment, the Thousand Blade Academy audience seating was filled with joy.

「Hell Yeaaaah! WE WONNNN!」

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「Way to go, Allen! You were really amazing!」

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「That’s our vanguard! Ride this wave and, defeat the general too!」

As I received warm and kind admiration from everyone, I raised my right hand and responded.

After winning over Cain-san, I returned to the Thousand Blade Academy waiting room.

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「Amazing! Amazing! As expected of Allen!」

「Umu! You wonderfully held down that mental interference-type soul dress! What tremendous mental strength!」

Ria and Leia-sensei showered me with praises.

「Thank you very much… However sensei, how did you know that Cain-san’s soul dress was a mental interference-type?」

「Oh, I’m actually quite accustomed to soul dress, you know? If you observe the other person’s soul dress carefully, you can quickly predict the type.」

「I see… That’s true.」

I wasn’t particularly surprised when I heard that Leia-sensei was accustomed to soul dress.

(There is no doubt, Leia-sensei is extremely powerful.)

During the practical test, she was the only one who had caught my Iai slash, which even a veteran measurer missed. The great pervert swordsman who destroyed iron bars with his bare hands and cut walls using disposable chopsticks as a sword – No.18-san didn’t even show the will to rebel in front of Leia-sensei.