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"We also want our own chances. I mean, if we place within the first 3 places then we can get points that way".

"Are you saying you'll do that even if it lowers the chances of the class winning?".

"No, I mean that's true but.....we want lots of chances or how should I put it......".

"When it comes to recommended only contests usually the athletic people are the ones who participate. It's impossible for you, Kanji".

"You don't know that, right? There's also such a thing as coincidence, you know. It should be fair".

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"From now on, discussion regarding the class is unnecessary I suppose.....".

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Even if she was able to argue down Ike here, anticipating that there would be more students within the class who think similarly to Ike, Horikita said that. However, this time around, it seems that remark got Sudou all fired up.

"The athletic ones will participate as many times as they want. That's first priority, right? You're being naive, Suzune".

I understand well what Sudou wishes to say. Horikita is also not rejecting it. Even from the perspective of honor students who are simply good at their studies, a student like Sudou taking action in the sports festival would be ideal.

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If a student like Sudou who is in constant risk of receiving a failing grade manages to acquire a bonus here there'd be no problem. However, if you ask if the entire class will reach a consensus then it's not that simple of a matter. Because the privilege acquired from winning a prize here would be all the more attractive to students with low academic ability. For those students who are constantly at risk of being expelled, they would want it so badly hands would leap out of their throats.

"I'm intending on supporting your desire to participate in all events. However, that doesn't mean that I will unreservedly back your participation in all contests".

"What do you mean?"