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It was just a pity that this company had high requirements such that he wouldn’t be able to enter.

Otherwise, if he were to tell others that he was working at Shenhua View and that the front desk had a pair of beautiful twin receptionists, they would definitely envy him!

Huang Sibo then checked out the work desks.

Once again, he was shocked!

All of those desks were huge!

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Why were all the desks separated so far from one another – was the rental for this place free or what?

They could almost play badminton between the desks!

Each desk was equipped with two high-end and large monitors – a single look was enough to tell that these were expensive stuff.

At the windowsill, there were rows of plants. Each of them looked costly and there was even a gardener taking care of them tenderly.

Huang Sibo felt as though he had transmigrated into those teenage idol dramas.

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This was how companies were depicted within them.

However, reality was often a far cry from it.