Is it true that the part-time job of online is true?

Is it true that the part-time job of online is true?

Wu Yue looked up to see Manager Lu return

“Boss Wu, there’s something very important.” Manager Lu looked to be in disbelief. “Boss Pei of Tengda Corporation wants to come to Shanghai personally to meet you.”

Wu Yue was stunned. “Who?”

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Manager Lu repeated, “Boss Pei of Tengda Corporation.”

Wu Yue was completely stunned.

Wasn’t that the designer of GOG and the big boss of the GPL league?

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He wants to come here... to meet me...?

Wu Yue even suspected that this was fake news because the gap between the two parties was too huge. What was so important that Boss Pei had to personally make a trip?

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The price of the slot of the GPL league had already been sky-high. Many traditional giants and enterprises had also joined in. It could be said that GOG was currently the most popular e-sports circle in the country and even the world.

On the other hand, Tengda Corporation was the organizer of all of GOG’s competitions. The contractual incident a while ago had also sent a message to the outside world: Tengda Corporation held absolute power in GOG’s E-Sports scene.

On the other hand, the FV Club was a private club. It was purely for fun. It was neither famous nor powerful.

Originally, the IOI branch’s strength was barely passable. However, two outstanding members had been poached away, leaving only an empty shell immediately.

Why is Boss Pei coming here personally?