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“I’m thinking. Thinking about everything...... Trying to get it right. Graduation...... No, with the victory in our match, I will show our fathers, the people of Imperial Capital, and people from other countries. Everything.”

”..... Victory...”

“Oh, Earth. I’ve fought with you many times, and I’ve been with you since I was little. Besides, you’re not as smart as I am, but you’re smart. So...... you’re my... you know what my feelings and wishes are!”

The princess’s feelings and wishes. I know that.

This person continued to make efforts to be strict and superior to anyone else, even though she was royalty, and became recognized not only by the Academy but also by many people.

It’s all for the big one, which I can’t even imagine.

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“Oh... Somehow...... But.”

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“Huh!? ...... Oh I see...... you noticed after all...”

For the Empire. For the world. For mankind. For the future. We will continue to protect the present peaceful world.

Perhaps she continues to have such lofty feelings.

“I’ve never lost to you... That’s why I won’t lose at the games. And when I win the championship... I get everything! Everything... That’s it.”

The princess made her declaration to me with a serious expression while her face blushes slightly as though she is a little embarrassed to state her goal.