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Well, the finals won’t be my last...

[Oyah~, Machio and Danchok are talking about something... What was that? Tastes? Whip? Pants...... what are they talking about? I’m not sure what that’s all about, but Danchok is proposing the nature of the match to Machio. However, Machio, who has fought so far in accordance with the rules of his opponent, is reluctant this time...... eh?]

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And as always, Mr. Machio. I mean, why don’t you just punch him and get it over with...

“Why don’t you accept this match with me, Machio!? You... you, is this... manliness not your type!?”

“No, why would you decide that?”

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Eh!?? Huh? No, no, no ... eh?

“Tre’ainar... did I hear wrong?”

『Apologies. I also thought that was an auditory hallucination, but...』

What do you mean? You’re fighting, aren’t you? What’s with that kind of development, why did such a conversation start?

“L, let’s go.”

『U, uh huh!』

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I was curious about it. I thought I would work on my concentration or meditation until the final, but I was curious about how things were unfolding, so I rushed back to the arena.

Then there was Danchok with a serious look on his face, holding a pair of white pants in his hand and his upper body naked.

“Machio. You’re so domineering, muscular, thick, big and robust... popular with everyone! You would be popular with women! But, you are still single despite your age! That means, you’re not interested in women! You must be interested in guys! Isn’t that right?!”

“No, that’s not it at all... what is the logic behind that?”

Machio looked unusually stunned and dumbfounded. No, everyone in this place must have thought that when Mr. Machio’s made his retort.

However, Danchok continued.

“Then, Machio. Are you saying there is already a woman in your heart?”