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What do you mean it’s all because of my wise guidance? You mean this is all my fault? “Everyone, look at this, Vice President Chang’s crosstalk video is bursting the popularity charts! It’s going viral everywhere on the internet, and many people are learning from it!”

“Our cell phone is going viral, too! Many people are discussing it in the tech circle!” “We’ve sent the media sets of cell phones, their evaluation videos will be out in about three to four days.”

“F*ck, someone has already resold it on the second-hand website? That’s too fast, right? Was there a scalper at our news conference?”

“It can’t be. The tickets to the news conference were given out randomly. They are all given to the clients of Tengda’s other business units. It just so happened that we met scalpers.”

“Don’t forget about the livestream users. Some scalpers might have made their way in through that channel.”

They discovered some stuff that made them less happy when they were happy and excited.

Of course, scalpers were all around as long as there was limited edition. They were like flies

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—unable to be driven away, making people sick to their core.

People were selling at high prices on the second-hand website less than 10 minutes after the news conference ended. That speed caught the employees of Otto Technologies off-guard.

Chang You sighed with emotion as he poured the champagne. “This is the characteristic of a fan scalper.

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“Perhaps the fan initially intended to use it for himself, but he found that he could earn 300, 500, or even 1,000 yuan if he were to sell it without paying anything at all. He would naturally sell it.

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“There is no way to avoid this. We have relatively few stocks. A buyer is willing to pay more; a seller is willing to part with it to earn some cash. We are not able to stop it.

“Anyway, let’s not worry about it for the time being. Let’s celebrate with a toast!”

Some employees were already helping in the distribution of the champagne. Pei Qian, of course, had one, too.

“Come, cheers!”