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Li Yada had thought that Boss Pei would use his deft skills to overcome the monsters; she did not expect this scene to happen.

She only saw Boss Pei confidently asking her to increase the monsters’ attacking power, Boss Pei confidently wielding his weapon, Boss Pei confidently charging forward, and Boss Pei falling in battle…

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Everything had seemed arranged beforehand. The monster’s hayfork had precisely struck when Pei Qian had wanted to dodge and pierced accurately at his body.

Having been so confident, Boss Pei had actually been hacked to death by a puny little monster?

Pei Qian’s face revealed a smile.

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Not bad; this game has not disappointed me! This is exactly what I want! In order to force players to stop playing, I precisely need something like this!

Li Yada saw Boss Pei’s smile and was a little surprised.

Boss Pei’s temperament was indeed far superior to ordinary people’s!

If it were normal players—to be pierced to death within two hits of a small monster, that was so frustrating and so infuriating. Boss Pei was actually happy?

Was this because Boss Pei was finally going to get serious and give it his all?

Soon, Pei Qian’s character was revived.

He raised his chopper high and once again charged towards the hayfork-wielding villager.

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Five seconds later, the screen turned black once again.