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「Is this guy a wild beast!?」

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「But his posture is now broken!」Sebas-san shouted.

I managed to avoid the Sakura Flash, but in that short moment when I jumped back into the air, Sebas-san quickly threw two soap bars.

The soap bars rushed across the wet floor at high speed and slipped exactly under my landing point.

「Oh shit!!!」

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I landed on the slippery soap bars. Unable to kill the momentum of the backstep, I slid across the room and crashed hard into the wall behind me.

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「O-Ouch… that hurts…」

While removing the blocks of wood that were on me, I slowly raised my face.




I saw Ria, Rose, and the president, who were stark naked.

Pei Qian acted like nothing was wrong as he walked towards Qiao Liang. Smiling slightly, he asked, “How does it feel?”

Qiao Liang had still been engrossed in the game, and so he did not answer Pei Qian immediately. After staring blankly at the latter for a while, he stood up and said, “It feels… er…”

At that moment, Teacher Qiao—who had played many unorthodox games and created many videos—did not know what to say.

How did it feel?

The greatest feeling he had was that this game’s difficulty had been designed wrongly! Perhaps the systems designer had given the beasts too much attack power. Maybe he added an extra zero by accident. Everything else was fine.