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In a situation where our friendship could collapse, this was definitely a valuable proposal.

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I had no reason to refuse, so I nodded my head and straightforwardly accepted.

“Thank you, Keisei.”

I chose to express my gratitude in words.

Airi, who had witnessed everything, finally found the courage to speak.

“H-how about you two do a…reconciliation handshake?”

“A reconciliation handshake? That’s nice!”

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Hearing Airi’s proposal, Haruka expressed her agreement.

Feeling the heavy, depressed atmosphere being gradually dispelled, Keisei immediately shook his head.

“Don’t, it’s embarrassing.”

Haruka quickly grabbed the right hand of Keisei who wanted to refuse. She also grabbed my right hand at basically the same time.

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“Alright, make up!”

Saying that, she shoved our hands together, forcing us to shake them.

We didn’t prepare our hands to shake, so they just touched each other.

“If you don’t shake hands, I won’t let go, alright?”