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I hurriedly jumped back, and dropped my gaze on the hilt.

「T-This is…!?」

Looking closer, the base of the blade seems to have been dissolved with acid, and it seemed like it would break at any time.

As I listened carefully, I could hear a weird sound from the inside of the sword.

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(What is happening…?!)

While I was puzzled, the sword continued to melt each passing moment, and finally – the blade portion fell to the ground with only the hilt in my hand.

This sword is no longer useful.

(Is this also the ability of Claude-san’s soul dress…?)

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……No, it’s not.

As I looked closely, a white powdery『something』was inserted in the blade.

(The only person who would do this is『That person』…)

When I quickly looked up – His Majesty Griess, sitting in the special audience seat, gave a wry smile.

(Guhahaha…! Have you finally noticed, fool! Your sword is equipped with a chemical that reacts to『heat』and emits a strong acid! It goes well with Claude’s bomb! – Fufu, that’s why I told you, didn’t I? It is absolutely impossible for you to win!)

This reaction… As expected, this set-up seems to have been ordered by His Majesty.

(Damn… He would go so far just to win…)

When I looked back, Claude-san had a complicated expression.

(…His Majesty’s doing? All the weapons in the waiting room were probably prepared this way…)

When she noticed my gaze, she opened her mouth weakly.

「… I don’t want to win with such an underhanded method.」