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Then, I just continued to sit quietly until the last moment possible.

“Well, I’ll be heading back to school.”

“I… just need a little more time. When I’m a bit more put together, I’ll definitely come to school again. So please, just stop coming…”

After hearing Ichinose’s strained response, I went back to school.

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(Part 3 End)

The weekend passed and it was now Monday the 21st. The end-of-year exam was set to begin on Friday of this week.

But, Ichinose still failed to show up at school.

Meanwhile, Kanzaki, Shibata, and her other close friends were attempting to contact her via text message, phone call, and email.

They had been doing this for a while.

Even so, based on the fact that nobody had come to see her after school, she had probably given them all a warning to stay away in the same way I had been.

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I slipped away from the school building during lunch break and went to the dorms, where I made another visit to Ichinose’s room.

I knocked gently and called out to her without waiting for a reply.

“I heard you’re taking today off as well?”

She had asked me not to come back anymore, and yet I came anyway. It was a reckless act that ignored her warning.

This time, there was no response from Ichinose.

I didn’t say anything else. I just sat with my back to her door until the end of the lunch break, just like I had done the week before.