How to make money online comics

How to make money online comics

Pei Qian had thought that sponsored partnerships would only come after another two or three weeks—or even a month. However, after only a few days, a sponsored partnership offer had come already?!

Pei Qian kept his expression calm, “En, what’s the offer?”

Zhu Xiaoce said, “It’s an e-commerce clothing commercial. They want us to market their new t-shirt model.”

“The deal is to arrange to appear with a supporting actor and say a line about this commercial while wearing their clothing. However, I feel that our viewers would understand this, and it wouldn’t be a big problem.”

Pei Qian paused for a moment and then asked, “What’s the offer rate?”

“Five thousand yuan! It’s actually not a lot; however, this is just the beginning, the first step,” Zhu Xiaoce said.

What the f*ck!

Just the first sponsored partnership, and they were offering five thousand?

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Pei Qian was stumped.

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Although Pei Qian didn’t know for sure how UP Master’s sponsored partnerships were like, he still had a certain level of understanding. In the year 2010, the majority of people looked down on video creators; they even viewed video creators as a disgrace.

Most popular UP Masters all had their own full-time, primary jobs.

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Pei Qian still remembered he had once seen a Hawk Ao’s video in 2019 recalling when he had first started out doing sponsored partnerships. In 2011, he only had a hundred thousand viewers for his short videos. However, his journey doing sponsored partnerships started after he clinched the ‘League of Legends’s partnership.

How much did Hawk Ao get for sponsored partnerships back then?