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“I finally understand why these authors seem to be on steroids. They might not be excited if only ‘Eternal Reincarnation’ was adapted into a game. However, so many works have plans to develop copyrights. The other authors must be especially agitated!”

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“Yes, yes, they all coincide!”

“Sigh, now that you mention it, did Zhongdian Chinese Network’s promotional poster have a deeper meaning?”

“What deeper meaning? Didn’t that poster simply list the results of some books in the inspiration class? What’s more, the results were not good. It exposed its own shortcomings.”

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“Your thinking is only on the first level. What if it were to rise by one level? Actually, this poster is a display. Look, the results of these books in the inspiration class are indeed trash, but they can be copyrighted and made into games or other forms. Isn’t that awesome?”

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“Huh? You can understand it that way?”

“Of course, that’s the only way to understand it! That advertisement was everywhere on the internet and offline. Think about it, the person-in-charge of Zhongdian Chinese Network’s advertisement had to keep an eye on it. Even if the person in charge of publicity did not understand the data, how could the person-in-charge of Zhongdian Chinese Network not understand it? However, this poster was still released. It hung for more than half a month. Isn’t that enough to explain the problem?”

“I see. This poster is to promote the inspiration class in advance!”

“Do you remember the content of the fake reviewers after the poster was published?”

“Oh, I remember. The content is similar. ‘Inspiration class is the cradle of the gods, the source of inspiration, the Land of Dreams’, and the like. The format is similar. It’s very awkward.”

“Now that I think about it, aren’t these fake reviewers doing the right thing? Just say that the probability of the works being developed by copyrights, what else can be compared to the inspiration class? These fake reviewers repeatedly spam these content. On the surface, they are high-end haters, but in fact, every sentence is the truth!”

“Isn’t this the ‘performance art-style publicity’ of Game Designer? It forms a fixed impression in netizens’ minds through repeated exaggerated advertising slogans and has a very good spreading effect...”

“The most important thing is that these are not fake publicity. The content is real!”

The netizens’ intelligence was limitless. After finding a breakthrough point, everyone worked together and quickly found more breakthrough points.

Many seemingly unrelated things were strung together like this, forming a very complete chain of logic!

Thus, the facts became very clear.