Is it true if you don't make money?

Is it true if you don't make money?

They certainly have tremendous financial power because these rooms are prepared for all the students of this academy.

「Well then, shall I change my clothes?」

From within the wrapped clothes, I took out the Thousand Blade Academy uniform and changed into it,

And then, I checked my appearance in front of the dresser.

「Yoshi, perfect.」

Thousand Blade Academy uniform was a mixture of black and white.

I’m told black symbolizes the sheath and white symbolizes the blade.

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By the way, the academy uniform for girls is a short skirt that emphasizes ease of movement.

They haven’t changed the design for hundreds of years, it was a tradition and formality – I remember it being written on the pamphlet.

Personally, I like the pattern of sword crosses on both shoulders.

「Now… it’s still a little early, but shall I get going soon?」

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The entrance ceremony begins in fifteen minutes.

I left a little early, but if I walk slowly while looking at the school building and the surrounding buildings, I should arrive at the right time.

After that, on the way to the gymnasium where the entrance ceremony was held.

I overheard what the two girls walking in front of me were talking about.