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Online Fighter Money Video Software

Eric and Zhao Xuming were full of confidence with IOI’s operation strategy.

Although GOG’s current position in the country was very stable and difficult to shake, everything was difficult at the beginning. They could quickly form a positive cycle as long as they persevered and allowed IOI’s domestic server to gradually recover its vitality. At that time, everything would have a turnaround!

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February 17th, Friday...

Ye Zhizhou hurried to Tengda Games and found Min Jingchao, who was busy creating the new version of GOG.

“Finger Games is doing something new!”

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“They released a few trial videos of IOI mobile games just now. They seem to be of good quality.”

“However, I suspect that... They are using IOI’s ready-made client-side game material. It is still far from the official development of the game. It is now in the stage of ‘demonstration deception’.”

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“However, IOI’s mobile game development has obviously been put on the agenda. We have to be cautious.”

“At the moment, these videos have produced quite a good response on video websites both domestically and overseas. Many players are looking forward to it.”

“Some people have been comparing it to GOG’s mobile game to generate popularity. Most likely, Long Yu Corporation’s fake reviewers are doing it.”

Ye Zhizhou handed his cell phone to Min Jingchao and showed him a few videos of IOI mobile games as he spoke.

There were a few trial videos of IOI’s classic heroes in the video. For example, Chaos Misfortune, Storm Swordsman, Specter Blacksmith and other outstanding heroes in the global finals. There were also some commonly used noob heroes.

All of these heroes had one thing in common, and that was that their operations were not particularly complicated. It was not too difficult to transplant them from the client-side game to the mobile game.

What’s more, these heroes had their own popularity, and heroes like the Storm Swordsman were more handsome, so the video gave players a good impression.

If one had not played the game yet, this video alone was very attractive.

“They’re not here with good intentions.”

Min Jingchao immediately saw through Finger Games’ intentions.