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If she's suppressing her own embarrassment to ask for my cooperation, I need to earnestly face her, otherwise I won't be able to call myself a true friend to her. But if it becomes a double date, several issues will emerge. Right now the problem is whether or not Yousuke-kun is free. I need to quickly confirm that afterwards. On Christmas, it had been decided that we wouldn't meet. Since the fact that we were a couple had surpassed even our school year in becoming a rumor, appealing to our surroundings even more about our coupleness was no longer necessary.

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In order not to waste each other's time, we had decided to slowly spend our Christmas.

If someone happened to ask, we went on a date in our rooms, there would be no problem if I just answered like that. Even if someone happened to see me outside alone, I can simply say we were planning on meeting at night in order to end the story. That's why Yousuke-kun may already have planned out his own schedule.

"Umm hey, I'd like to tell Ayanokouji-kun that we coincidentally met up with Karuizawa-san and the others though".

As I was going over several plans inside my head, I was requested that additionally.

"So you are against making it a double date from the very beginning?".

"Somehow, I guess. Is it no good?".

"Ahh--, umm.........".

Of course it's not like it's no good. If that is what Satou-san is hoping for, that too is fine. But after having thought it over a little while, I immediately made my conclusion.

"Let's not do that. It might be better to honestly tell him you'd like to have a double date".

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"Is that, so. I wonder if he'd dislike it?".

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It seems Satou-san's assessed that after hearing it, Kiyotaka might dislike it.

"If he finds out later that it was set up, that's more likely to make him dislike it though?".

"I see.....".

"Satou-san's the one who decides that though".

I said that to her just in case. Let's do this! I cannot force her like that.

Satou-san seems to be troubled but if you ask me, that's a mistake. There's no way that Kiyotaka wouldn't notice the strategy we set up. I don't know what stage he'll realize it at, but sooner or later, he will realize that it's a set up. But I'm strongly pointing that out because naturally right now, it won't give rise to anything but a sense of discomfort.

Let's stop because Kiyotaka is surprisingly sharp? Saying it like that would clearly be unnatural. Kiyotaka and I have no connection to each other. That is what's recognized by everyone else including our classmates.

But just because of that I can't say too that the double date is a bad thing. Because I don't have such knowledge.