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Keisei added in another request that he hadn’t mentioned to Horikita and me.

“And what would I get in return for doing that?”

“We’ll welcome you into our class.”

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“That’s an amusing proposal. You want me to betray Class A and drop down to Class C?”

Katsuragi sneered at Keisei’s suggestion.

“We will rise up to Class A someday. We have the potential.”

Keisei spoke up once again, emphasizing that he could transfer classes once we managed to reach Class A.

But, to Katsuragi, Keisei’s words probably sounded like nothing more than delusional nonsense.

“You’ll rise up to Class A someday? Doesn’t every other class say the same thing?”


“If you really have the potential, can’t you just beat Class A without doing something underhanded like this? Isn’t the reason why you’re trying to use me because you can’t do that?”

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Keisei fell silent at Katsuragi’s irrefutable, scornful tone.

“Well, whatever. Let’s say you guys really can rise up to Class A. Are you saying you can provide me with 20 million points right now in exchange for the information? No, because that’s impossible, isn’t it? If you had that much, you probably would’ve used it to prevent Yamauchi from being expelled.”

Of course, Katsuragi was well aware that we didn’t have such a large amount of points.