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“Well, you brought Albert along with you yourself. I’m just being careful.”

There was a stinging, tense atmosphere between the two of them.

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The atmosphere made it hard to imagine that they had lived in the same room together during the training camp. Though, ultimately, their reaction towards one another was understandable.

“We’ve just invited you out here today to have a talk. Isn’t that right, Ishizaki-kun?”

Ishizaki and Albert weren’t the only Class D students that had come to participate in the conversation. Hiyori and Ibuki had also come along with them.

“Well, as long as they’re able to control themselves, I guess everything should be fine.”


Even though she stopped herself, Hiyori’s worry was by no means unreasonable.

Given the personalities of the people present, it was hard to imagine that nothing would end up happening.

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“But, what about those guys? I didn’t know you invited people from Class C as well.”

Looking over at us, Hashimoto let out an exasperated sigh.

“Dunno. Aren’t you the ones that invited them?”

It seemed as though both Class D and Class A felt a bit uncomfortable about our presence.

“It’s just like you said, Ayanokōji.”