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“On the other hand, it serves as a hint: it is not just a simple loop that repeats itself. The lyrics at the start were sad, invoking sorrow and loneliness. However, the lyrics at the end became positive, bringing home. That supports the title of the video... ‘New Life’.

“That’s why I think there are two layers of meaning to the title ‘New Life’. One, the dilapidated building was given new life by being renovated into the Sloth Apartments and had been transformed from rotting rubbish to livable apartments.

“Two, a wanderer who has experienced too many ups and downs outside can finally start a new life by settling down in these apartments.

“In short, the advertisement is amazing! It doesn’t feel like a mere advertisement for Sloth Apartments but a tourism video for Jingzhou City!”

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The long comment with an analysis of the video quickly grew in likes and shares, even from Fei Huang Workspace’s account.

That was indeed the best method of expression that Fei Huang Workspace had thought of before producing the video. While working on it, Fei Huang Workspace had shot a lot of footage with Chen Lei and Liang Qingfan.

In the end, out of more than three hours of footage that the original videographer had recorded, only two minutes was used. Fei Huang Workspace had shot the footage for the remaining three minutes or so.

However, those two minutes were just as important because they showed the process of the buildings undergoing renovation. It was a key portion of the entire short film.

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Now, the promotional video that Fei Huang Workspace had produced for Sloth Apartments—’New Life’—was finally complete!

It had successfully expressed the concept behind the Sloth Apartments and resonated with many wanderers in the city. In this hustle and bustle of every city in the world, everyone wanted a space that belonged only to them and where they could rest without any qualms.

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Sloth Apartments provided a place like that to people. One could choose to put down the torture of wandering around and slow down like a sloth. They would no longer have to slog their guts out in a concrete jungle just to survive, but they could return to a space that belonged solely to them. There, they could forget everything and rest.

Thus, at the end of the video, the bullet screen comments were flooded with things like ‘moved to tears’, ‘beautiful singing’, and ‘see you again at the beginning of the video’. In particular, one comment kept surfacing:

“Where can I rent an apartment like that, then?”

August 24th, Wednesday...

At 10 AM, Pei Qian woke up naturally. He did not know that Fei Huang Workspace had released a new video the night before, and he did not know that the internet had burst into a discussion over the night before and the morning.

As always, he washed up and prepared to have breakfast at Fish-Catching Internet Cafe. However, when he got downstairs and walked out of the lift, Pei Qian suddenly noticed that something was amiss.

People were viewing the apartments?

The voice of the butler, Song Kai, traveled out from his room on the first floor. It sounded like he was explaining the rent, rules, and regulations of the apartment to interested customers.