How to help others sell goods online to make money

How to help others sell goods online to make money


“As a man... I’ll be cool. And I’ll get what I want.”

Get it. I’ll feel them, grab them, lick them, and pinch them, and... them all over myself.

It is not for the empire, it is not for the world, it is not for humanity, nor for the future.

“It’s just... for me, it’s just for me, but... even so, I’m getting motivated, so I can’t help it.”

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“I’m going to win the championship!”

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Have I ever said words like “to be at the top”, “win”, or “absolutely win”?

When I was a kid, I felt like I was screaming at things like that and working hard, but recently I thought I couldn’t beat the princess or my father.

But not now.

I also wanted to return the declaration of war.

Then the princess began to be upset by my attitude.

“T-This is, is, is it that? That...... c-confession, th-that I wanted from the man.”

“Heh?! This is...”

“B-B-Because, it’s that sort of thing, right?”

Damn, have I been found out!? No, well, my feelings have been exposed since I was a kid.

“Tha-That’s right... you are yourself... But...”