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A few looking like white-collar workers also went to the coffee area and ordered some coffee. This was actually within Pei Qian’s expectations. Although this place wasn’t in a proper commercial district, it after all bordered one such place. It was a street away.

As people came and went, some people might actually walk by this place to drink a cup of coffee or the likes; this was unavoidable. As this was after all a well-furnished internet cafe, even if the price was steep, it wasn’t to that extent where not even one customer would come. That type of situation was too ideal; it was unreal.

Having a few customers was still completely acceptable.

As long as it was controlled within a certain number such that the intake could not cover the costs, that was fine!

Pei Qian kept a watch till night time. A few people came to drink alcohol while Zhang Yuan also took the stage to sing two songs; the atmosphere was still not bad. It wasn’t as desolate as in the daytime. However, very few people actually came here to use the internet.

Pei Qian made a rough estimate: this amount of earnings was not going to cover anything.

It was great! Everything was within his plan!

Pei Qian stood up and prepared to leave. Ma Yang, on the other hand, seemed to have received a shock; he was a little dispirited. They had such good computers, such a great environment. However, the first day of operations had been so deserted!

Ma Yang couldn’t really stomach this.

Pei Qian tried his very best not to smile as he comforted, “It’s alright; it’s only the first day. Old Ma, you must remember that this is a long-term operation for Tengda Corporation! Don’t mention one day; even if in the first three months or the first half a year were all losses. That was fine! Things will slowly get better, understand?”

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Ma Yang nodded; however, it was obvious he hadn’t really taken these words to heart.

Pei Qian also couldn’t say too much as he patted Ma Yang’s shoulder and left gleefully.

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March 14th, Sunday…


Zhang Yuan and Ma Yang found a table on the second floor near the windows and sat down; their faces were very dark. Zhang Yuan took a pen and was doing some sums.