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Is it true that the software coding and making money is true?

“Do they have a Game Club?”

“Ah, yes, I remembered. However, I always went home earlier and played RPGs alone. So, I wasn’t invited, but the Game Club does exist.”

“Really? By the way, what’s the name of that school?”

“Hmm? Oh, it’s called Arakami, …do you know it?”

“Arakami, …Arakami. …Eh, …why do I feel like…I’ve heard of it before? …I think it’s around elementary? But how did I know about a high school’s name in elementary?” [The Shiina sisters transferred to Arakami at the end of Seitokai. Tendou knew that because she used to play with Mafuyu (SS Ch.1).]

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Tendou started mumbling something on her own.

Kase continued the conversation a bit helplessly.

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“Is that Game Club good?”

“Good? Ah, …no, …I think I’ve toured it before, but it’s not impressive. That Game Club has a chill atmosphere. The president was pretty casual as well.”

“I see.”

Kase immediately lost interest after hearing that and started drinking coffee. He’s a really easy-to-understand hardcore gamer. I don’t hate this attitude of his.

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After the school topic was over, Oiso threw a new question out.

“By the way, Kiriya, are you doing live streams?”