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After the momentum from beating Echizen, I made my way through the preliminaries and eventually won the group B tournament.

After the simple award ceremony finished, Tendo-san and I made my way back. Leaving the stuffy arcade, the air outside was really refreshing… It’s not like the arcade was uncomfortable, but I felt relieved, as if I returned to the world I belonged to.

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“At any rate, you’re amazing, Misumi-kun. For someone who just started playing that game, you got a lot better.”

While walking side-by-side, Tendo-san would praise me from time to time. However, it looks like she considers winning group A handily was a natural and obvious outcome. With a bitter smile, I replied to Tendo-san, who was the same as ever.

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“No, you’re exaggerating things, Tendo-san. I… I was just desperately trying to hold on by imitating others.”

“Your ability to concentrate isn’t normal, Misumi-kun. Even Kase-senpai has recognized you.”

“No, like I was saying… Also, today’s tournament was actually a really friendly match for beginners.”

“Ah—… Well, that’s certainly true, but…”

Tendo-san nodded. Her best virtue is not overestimating or underestimating other people.

Tendo-san touched her chin in thought, and then continued talking.

“Today’s preliminaries was restricted to a small region and had that ‘festival’ kind of feeling, so for a genre like tennis games, the competition ends up having a lot of beginners. For a structure like that, it really suited your fast growth rate. But…”

“Yea, I also understood that. If the match was completely decided on a single game, I wouldn’t be able to do anything. My complete loss in my first game to Echizen-san is a good example. If that was the end of the match, I wouldn’t have been able to improve.”

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“Yea. I think it’s a completely worthy assessment of your skills, but sadly, the opponents in the next round will gradually get harder and harder. In other words…”

“Unlike this time, I won’t be able to get used to a completely different game from the beginning, huh.”

To my words, Tendo-san regretfully nodded.