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Online part-time typing, make money, students

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That’s too rash, isn’t it?

Not even thirty minutes have passed since we began chatting!

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When other investors considered investing, they always beat about the bush and refused to broach the main subject for a long time. When it was time to negotiate the contract, there would also be many additional clauses and a lot of bargaining, which often tired Jiang Fan out.

Yet, Boss Qiu had only exchanged a couple of pleasantries and experienced the game for ten minutes before deciding to invest. During those ten minutes, many lags and bugs occurred in the game as well.

Jiang Fan could not help but feel emotional. After serious consideration, he said, “Boss Qiu, based on the current progress, I think we will need about four hundred thousand yuan more!”

Qiu Hong nodded. “Alright. We will invest five hundred thousand yuan. Make sure that the game is produced perfectly!

“However, I have two requests.

“First, the game must be buy-to-play, and there must not be any in-game purchases available.

“Second, once the game is put up for sale, you hit the minimum quantity to recover your capital, and start generating profits; we will split the profits according to our investment. Based on the proportion of our investment... we’ll take thirty percent.”

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Jiang Fan was dumbfounded. “That’s it?”

Qiu Hong nodded. “That’s it. What else could there be?”

Confused, Jiang Fan asked, “What if the game fails? What if we can’t even recover the initial six hundred thousand yuan?”

Qiu Hong answered, “We will only accept split profits after you recover the initial six hundred thousand yuan. If you don’t generate profits, we will not get a single cent.”

Jiang Fan was speechless.

That sounded too good. It was as good as giving him money.

Other investment companies that Jiang Fan had met with in the past wanted more than just shared profits. Many wanted shares in Cherry Workspace, and others were even bold enough to ask Jiang Fan to be jointly and severally liable.

Compared to those companies, Boss Qiu seemed like a charitable philanthropist!

Cherry Workspace would not stand to lose out at all if they took the five hundred thousand yuan, would it?

If the game failed to recover its capital, Boss Qiu would not ask the workspace for a single cent. That would be as good as giving the workspace five hundred thousand yuan for nothing. If the game generated profits, Boss Qiu would only get thirty percent of the profits. That meant Cherry Workspace would earn much more.