Do you have a lot of 80 yuan every day?

Do you have a lot of 80 yuan every day?

“What a cruel thing to say~!”

She covered her ears with her hands, unwilling to listen to anything more on the matter.

She was like an adult who hadn’t finished growing up yet, or more precisely, a woman who had never truly graduated from her years as a student.

“Ah! Me, me! You know what, Sensei’s got a totally revolutionary idea for you! Just like how Katsuragi-kun transferred to Class 2-B, Ayanokōji-kun can transfer over to my class! How ‘bout it?”

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This wasn’t revolutionary at all. It was the kind of idea that even the likes of Ishizaki could come up with.

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“I was wondering where you were going with this. You’ve really put forward something outlandish, haven’t you?”

“You’ll aim for Class A together with us, right? Right?”

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She reached out for my arm again as she spoke. Her movements were those of a woman who saw physical contact with the opposite sex as her own personal weapon, but just before she touched my wrist, she faltered.

Having recalled my earlier warning, she pulled back her hand and shook her head a few times so as to keep herself in check.

“I wouldn’t be able to come up with 20 million points even if I saved up until the day I graduate. Furthermore, as things are now, even if I found a way to prepare such a large number of points, there’s no way to tell which class will be Class A in the end. So don’t you think it would be wiser to wait until the final moment and see how things play out instead?”

Not to mention, you’d be hard-pressed to find students interested in transferring to her class given that it had just recently dropped down to Class C.

“Y-you don’t have to say it so impartially…”

If you somehow managed to secure the right to transfer classes, it went without saying that you wouldn’t use it until you were right on the verge of graduating.

That is, unless you happened to get poached free-of-charge by one of the other classes like Katsuragi. Although… virtually none of the worthwhile students would jump at the opportunity to demote to one of the lower classes, so that was bound to end up failing as well. Even on the off chance that someone agreed to go through with it, whether or not that single person would be enough to raise the class all the way to Class A was yet another matter.