How to make money on online writing comments

How to make money on online writing comments

Pei Qian was relieved.

Yes, what did I say? I can’t be that unlucky every time.

It would not be possible for me to always buy companies that are seriously undervalued, right? That would be way too unscientific.

I was still having headaches about how to spend the 20 million US dollars previously. I could finally rest assured now that it had been spent smoothly.

Moreover, they bought a comic company that not only had less than 5%!m(MISSING)arket share but was also about to go bankrupt. It would not be able to bring down IOI overseas, which is great.

The offensive should not be too violent; let GOG eat away at IOI’s market share bit by bit. Dayak Corporation would then resist, and GOG would continue to spend justified promotional money.

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You expand your market share; I grab your market share. This cycle would form a perpetual loop. GOG and IOI would then continue to play happily on the overseas servers. Everyone burns money happily.

Wouldn’t that be beautiful?

Dayak, I have no choice but to make you my new money-burning tree since you bought over my old money-burning tree—that was IOI domestic server!

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August 22nd, Monday...

At the entrance of the DGE Club, Huang Wang and Team Leader Su prepared to leave. They were heading back to Shanghai. All the team members were present to say their farewells.

“Get along well with your new teammates when you get there. If you play badly, you’ll be a disgrace to DGE.”

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“You have to maintain your standards. Don’t let me find out that you’ve become lousy over time. If you do, just prepare to be despised!”

“Come back and play with us more if you have the time.”

Coach Yaling smiled and said, “Keep up the good and healthy habits. You worked so hard over the last few months to get this physique. If you give up so soon, you’ll become chubby again. All of your efforts would be wasted then.”

Zhang Yuan patted Huang Wang on the shoulder. “Tell me if you run into any difficulties. We will help you for sure. Don’t feel embarrassed. No matter where you go, you’ll be a member of our team!”

Huang Wang was so moved that his eyes welled up as he kept nodding.

It was a pity that Boss Pei was not here today. Perhaps he did not want to see Huang Wang and the others saying their goodbyes.