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In other words, he could pay the employees their salaries, but he could not invest in any projects.

Pei Qian was extremely satisfied. He could do that!

There was no need for any more discussion. Fei Huang Workspace would go into shock therapy first! Judging by their current speed, they could produce three or four films each year. If each film earned tens of millions of yuan, wouldn’t the income be incredible?

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On top of that, Pei Qian had learned one thing. The first-place-elimination system was effective, but there were still shortcomings. For example, it could encourage employees to work even harder.

Thus, Pei Qian had to offer consolation to what he thought were ‘outstanding companies’, the companies that incurred sustained losses.

He would supplement the ‘first-place-elimination system’ with a “last-place-reward system’!

Pei Qian had already thought about whom to give this reward.

Upwind Logistics...

Ever since it had been established, Upwind Logistics had been steadily incurring losses for Boss Pei. Lu Mingliang had not turned the losses into profits, and he had thus gained Boss Pei’s deep trust.

Pei Qian had even thought about what the reward would be.

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It would be called the ‘Tengda Cornerstone Award’.

He could forcibly explain the award by saying that Upwind Logistics had fought hard to serve the other companies and was thus the ‘cornerstone’ for Tengda Corporation’s rapid growth.

Of course, they would be rewarded solely because they had been incurring the most losses.

Through this award, Pei Qian hoped to hint something to the other companies: even if you’re incurring losses, you would be rewarded instead of punished!

He could not delay this. Pei Qian would award Upwind Logistics with the ‘Cornerstone Award’ before the end of this cycle.

Lastly, Pei Qian would spend more money on the companies and departments that had worked together with Tengda. All along, Tengda had been working with many other companies. Those companies helped to provide the game departments with art resources, the internet cafe with equipment, the restaurant with ingredients, the cell phone department with a supply chain, Thriller Hostel with decorations and props, and the like.