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She looked at my direction, but when she realized that I wasn’t moving, she started walking out the room. Hirata looked a bit lonely as he saw the group walk out the classroom.

“They’re not bad people. I’m also at fault since I asked them to stay out of my own selfishness.”

“Hirata-kun did nothing bad. Let’s just leave those people alone.”

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Even though some people left after not wanting to do self-introductions, the remaining students continued to go around and introduce themselves

“I’m Ike Kanji. The things I like are girls, and the things I hate are ikemen. I’m looking for a girlfriend at any time, so nice to meet you! Of course, you better be cute or beautiful!”

It’s hard to tell if he said that as a joke or if it his true thoughts, but he earned the ire of the females.

“Wow, cool~. Ike-kun, you’re so smooth”, said one of the girls with a completely emotionless voice.

Of course, it was obvious that it was 1000%!a(MISSING) lie.

“Really, really? Wow, I thought I wasn’t bad, but… hehe.”

Apparently Ike thought it was true and became a bit embarrassed.

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Suddenly all the girls laughed.

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“Wow, everyone, he’s cute. He’s recruiting girlfriends!”

No you’re being teased.

Ike waved his hand cheerfully while being teased. It doesn’t seem like he’s a bad person though.

Then, the boy who fought on the bus, Koenji, was up next.

After checking his bangs with a hand-mirror, he used a comb to arrange his hair.