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“Oh, that was close.”

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Uehara-kun mumbled again. While I dodged everything this time, I clutched the enemy bullets really close. I continued either way since it doesn’t affect my score.

Then, when I finally defeated the first boss, …Chiaki-san mumbled.

“Hmm, …Karen-san’s indeed really good at this. This still doesn’t work?”

“Regrettably, I can’t break the record this way. So, that’s why I hoped for a different strategy…”

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“Ah, how about I just kiss with Keita-“’

“That’s not possible.”

After I said that, I swept the entire wave of minions with an overpowered attack. Sweat appeared on Chiaki-san’s forehead. She cleared her throat and changed the topic.

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“But, the real question is how we should improve the score. I think it has to reach that ridiculous ‘I didn’t know this work!’ level. Well, even though that doesn’t mean the power of love.”

“Hmm, yes, Chiaki-san. Did you think of something while watching? It would be great if you can give me some suggestions, even if it’s not directly related to improving the score.”

“Hmm, …w-well…”

Chiaki-san crossed her arms and closed her eyes as she fell into deep thought. …Later, when she opened her eyes suddenly, she brought this up.

“I worry about the cost-performance ratio of bullet hell attacks.”

“That’s really irrelevant!”

Everyone yelled at the same time when her mumble is even less relevant than we thought.

However, Chiaki-san switched to her serious “creator” face for some reason and continued explaining.

“No, no, no, but don’t you guys have questions about this? A massive amount of bullets were sprayed in the entirely opposite direction to the player. Is there a reason? Also, the bullet hell’s colors are so sharp and bright!”

“I-I think it’s not wise to complain about the game this way. Moreover, < Gods and Evil > isn’t really a bullet hell game…”

“I’m not talking about < Gods and Evil>, Karen-san! I’m talking about all bullet hell games!”