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「Well, thank you. Then, the first question – Allen’s swordsmanship is very unique. Who’s your teacher?」


She shot a difficult question right from the start.

「Ahaha… I’m ashamed to say that my swordsmanship is self-taught.」

All swordsmen belong to some school, where they learn the basics of swordsmanship.

This is the common sense of a swordsman, and it is quite natural.

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But I’m an outlier of that common sense – the swordsman who was not allowed to enter any school, who had no other choice but『self-taught』.

And, the world makes a fool of such an outlying person as『the dropout swordsman』.

「…Self taught? Why?」

Idol tilted her head in honest wonder, not knowing the circumstances of the people at the bottom like me.

「I’ve been told that I don’t have talent. They didn’t let me into any schools.」

There was nothing to gain from hiding it, so I answered honestly.