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“But after we eliminate him-Is that really going to be the end of all this?”

“What do you mean?”

“Even if we expose the Acting Director, there’s no guarantee that there will not be another person sent afterwards. In that case, Ayanokouji’s situation will create a disturbance for the entire year…Depending on the situation, even the school itself might suffer from it.”

Mashima expressed his own unease.

Of course, even having said that, he still would not abandon the students.

“The way this situation is unfolding, it’s like I’m sinking deeper and deeper into quicksand. This scares me.”


If this continued, other students would not be able to receive a fair evaluation.

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This is something that the teachers must prevent from happening.

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“But I hope my hunch won’t turn out to be true.”

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The two teachers envisioned what would happen in the future, and prayed that those were just groundless fears.

After passing the rest of the time following the end of the conversation with the teachers and Sakayanagi, I went to the gym.

Soon, the 3rd years who were in the thank you meeting would come out.

The people around me were eagerly awaiting their arrival.

As that time approached, the anxiety of both the first years and second years seemed to increase.

Some of the 3rd years would leave directly after the graduation ceremony, but maybe some would stay, wanting to say something that they’ve always wanted to before.

How many people were there in total? From what I could see, there were about 100.