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Aguri-san spoke up after Uehara-kun sat down with tears in his eyes.

“Anyway, let’s leave Hoshino and Amanocchi for now first. I can understand you two befriending each other after all kinds of relationship issues. It’s good that there’s a conclusion. But…”

Aguri-san said that as she looked next to me. At the end of her glance is…a beautiful blonde girl that seems really pissed since then.

Aguri-san gulped and whispered to me.

“…Uh, how did that happen?”

To her question, I repeated the same answer again. “Like I’ve said before.”

“We just have a normal argument.”

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“Well, so, you too can get into such a serious fight the day after you became lovers? Is it because of other girls’ scent on Amanocchi?”

“That’s impolite. My body will never have any girl’s scent aside from Tendou-san!”

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“Well, Hoshino is hugging your arms right now…”

“Ugh, …but this isn’t why we’re fighting. There’s a deeper meaning to our argument.”

My voice deepens. Tendou-san lowered her head in unison.

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Aguri-san and Uehara-kun gulped.

“I-It feels pretty deep.”

“Y-Yeah. Hey, Amano, Tendou. Well, …I know people don’t like me intervening in other’s matters. But, I still want to hear it if you don’t mind. I want to know why…my two most important friends are fighting.”