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I mumbled as the image of Aguri playing with other guys flashed across my mind.

I walked towards class A at a faster pace.

“So, where’s Hoshinomori…Ah.”

I peaked from the door to look for Hoshinomori. In the end, the first person that I had eye contact with…wasn’t the girl that I’m looking for. Instead, she’s the idol with blonde hair and sapphire eyes.

She immediately greeted me once she saw me. “Uehara-kun.” Then, she somehow left her friends behind and walked towards me…Crap, all the 2A classmates are giving me a “what do you want” look, this is difficult.

“Amano has always endured looks like this…That guy’s incredible.”

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I almost broke into tears with such hostility after I was greeted by Tendou. If I was her boyfriend, …I can’t even imagine that.

Just as I’m responding to her with a stiff smile. “Hey, hey.” Tendou came up to me with her usual formal smile.

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“You arrived in just the right time, Uehara-kun.”

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“What’s wrong?”

“It’s nothing big, I just want to discuss something with you.”

I can’t help but tilt my head at her unexpected question.

“Me? You’re not looking for Amano?”