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That was because the Cold-Faced Lady was a fast food model that could start a chain operation. If a shop became popular, Qi Yan would definitely continue to open more branches. Once such a model rolled up, it would earn too much money!

Pei Qian did not want to relive the tragedy of Fish-Catching Internet Cafe and Fish-Catching Take-Out.

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Thus, she quickly and decisively created a snack market and poached all the outstanding vendors from the cold-faced lady.

This way, the Cold-Faced Lady would not have these outstanding vendors. The improvement in taste would be very slow, and the snack market would not be able to create a chain. There was no need to worry about earning money.

After all, no matter how impressive the vendors were, the number of customers they received every day was limited. The snack market was only so big. No matter how popular it was, could it be turned upside down?

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Thus, Pei Qian felt that the project was stable.

The so-called stability did not mean that it would not become popular. Instead, it would be like the nameless restaurant. Even if it became popular, it would not earn much money. It was completely acceptable.

He might have been an overseer but he still had to take a look now that it was about to open.

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One could never be too careful. It would not take much time to go over and take a look.

Once they discovered the problem, they could also get Zhang Yahui and the others to make the necessary changes before the business officially opened.

If it was possible, Pei Qian did not mind letting the snack market open for a week or two. In any case, there was still more than a month to settlement. There was no harm in delaying it. He could earn one or two weeks less.

After agreeing to Zhang Yahui, Pei Qian drank a cup of coffee to refresh himself. Then, he took the car straight to the snack market.

It was not a long journey to the old industrial zone, but there was a small traffic jam, so it took about forty minutes to get there.