What is the most profitable online investment?

What is the most profitable online investment?

"I see. You could also look at it that way".

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As I nodded as though I had been convinced, she lightly kicks me on the back of my knee.

"Can't you dodge this?".

"Hey look, I'm not an esper or anything you know. I can't dodge everything".

Even though Ibuki was suspicious, she did not pursue the matter any further.

"So what did you think about it, Ishizaki's remarks?".

Perhaps she was dissatisfied with just having her opinions asked, but she asked me like that.

"Even if I say I disliked it, it would mean I still have acknowledged his ability".

The downsides of having Ryuuen expelled, Ishizaki may have been able to sense it from experience. While drafting the plot that Ryuuen came up with, they had a falling out, that would be the case. Not once speaking out openly about what happened with me, he seems to be honorably upholding the promise. Of course, this is all a part of my calculations, but there had been no absolute guarantee. Leaving aside now, the possibility that he would change his mind tomorrow and reveal everything is not zero. Even about Karuizawa's matter, if he felt like spreading it around it could be spread around.

"Albert probably won't say anything but how long do you think Ishizaki will keep quiet?".

Ibuki is also aware of that, that's why she tried to confirm the situation by using that as a provocation.

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"If he speaks out, then he speaks out. I'm thinking about what to do then".

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"......ahh, I see".

Since I showed neither surprise nor agitation, it seems Ibuki immediately lost her interest. In any case, Ishizaki and the others are gone. Now I can finally split up with-----

I crouched down instantly and lowered my head a few dozen centimeters. At that very moment, Ibuki kicked the space my head had been occupying at a high speed.

"......so much for not being able to dodge. You dodged it, didn't you?".

"It was a kick from the front after all. More like, you kicked me with all your strength didn't you?".

A roundhouse kick from an experienced martial artist. If it had been a direct hit, a concussion would have been unavoidable.