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What are the types of money on online

(…It’s okay. Ria and Rose are strong. Ben-san and his fellow highly-skilled Holy Knights were assigned to travel outside the country. I’m sure they’ll kick down the clones soon enough.)

And as I held onto my Seigan no Kamae,

「Naa, Allen… I’m getting tired of this ordinary sword fight.」

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Rain suddenly brought up something strange.

「…What do you mean?」

「Nothing much. I’m going to gear up by one. -Water Raiment」

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At that moment, clear water thinly covered his blade.

『Gear up』was a comparatively smaller change than I anticipated.

(But the other party is one of the Thirteen Knights of the Oracle… Don’t let your guard down.)

As I braced myself,

「I’ll give you one piece of advice. No matter what, don’t make a mistake.」

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Rain gave a piece of advice I couldn’t understand.


「Well, you’ll know if you look at this.」he said, and slowly ran the sword clad in water on the surface of the floor.