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“Hello, Boss Pei. I am the one in charge of Fish-Catching Internet Cafe in Lincheng City. My name is Xiao Peng.”

A bright, young fellow with a crew cut opened Pei Qian’s car door and respectfully introduced himself. Pei Qian shook Xiao Peng’s hand as they left the shopping mall’s parking lot together and took the elevator up. This was the biggest shopping mall in Lincheng and the core of the Fish-Catching Complex here. Fish-Catching Internet Cafe 2.0 was located on the fifth floor of this shopping mall.

“How’s the current situation?” Pei Qian casually asked.

Xiao Peng smiled and said proudly, “Boss Pei, it’s very good!”

Pei Qian was stunned. “Huh?”

Xiao Peng did not seem to have noticed the astonishment on Boss Pei’s face at all. Instead, he continued speaking in a proud tone. “The four Fish-Catching Internet Cafe branches, Fish-Catching Take-Out, Upwind Logistics, and the like have all started operations today. We’re following your instructions strictly and avoiding any promotional events.

“Still, Fish-Catching Internet Cafe’s reputation and image are obviously well-known to everyone. People were already queuing at the entrance before we opened for business. Now, the internet cafe is almost full!

“Fish-Catching Take-Out is proving to be unexpectedly popular as well. The working adults, especially, choose Fish-Catching Take-Out for their meals during work. It seems like the businesses are more well-received here than in Jingzhou!

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“It goes without saying that Upwind Logistics and ROF Computer-Installation are doing well, too. The orders are going through the roof. It’s a good thing that our warehouses are all stocked, and we won’t run out...”

Xiao Peng spoke frankly and confidently, obviously proud of those results.

Lastly, as if afraid that Boss Pei would think he was trying to claim credit, Xiao Peng added, “Of course, this is all because Boss Pei has laid a good foundation in Jingzhou. That’s why the businesses became so well-known in Lincheng. This is the perfect illustration of the saying, ‘Where water flows, a canal is formed’!”

Pei Qian’s mind was filled with question marks.

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Before Pei Qian could speak, the elevator arrived with a ‘ding’.

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All the seats in the Fish-Catching Internet Cafe were taken up, and the waiters were shuttling back and forth, serving various drinks. The atmosphere inside looked very lively.