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I feel that the air and atmosphere are a little like that of the other world.

(This… should be the ability of his soul dress〈Hell Hundred〉)

Guessing from this situation now – until the clock reaches 00Year 01Month 01Day 00Minute 00Seconds, the target that was cut by the soul dress – that is, the ability to seal the target in this world for a hundred years.

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「For now… shall I try it lightly?」

If this is a world with the same or similar structure to that other world… it can be cut.

I moderately concentrated,

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I swung down the sword while holding back considerably.

Then the space through which the sword passed through, greatly wavered.

(Yoshi… there is a reaction)

If this is the case, I will be able to escape from here at anytime.

(But, wouldn’t it be a waste…?)

I obtained a hundred years after all.

There is no other way to make effective use of this.

「Well then, first of all, check the surrounding environment…」