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"No. That's not a problem right now.....did you call me to make sure?".

Rather than surprise, an exasperated reaction was what I got.

"It's been a while since then but nothing so far, huh? Looks like there's no need to worry about that anymore".

"That'd be for the best but there's no telling what'll happen when, right?".

Looking at it from Karuizawa's perspective, she wouldn't truly feel safe until graduation. The wind blew and coldly struck my face.

"You're still outdoors".

Perhaps it's because she heard the sound of the wind over the phone, Karuizawa said that.

"I'm on my way back. You're pretty fast today yourself. You're usually late".

"Even I have days when I want to go back early".

A prickly response came back.

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I found something and my voice leaked out.

Karuizawa reacted, thinking that was directed at her.

"No, it's nothing".

At the point where the road branches, a red amulet had fallen to the ground where that senior student fell earlier.

I wonder if it's something that senior student dropped. It may have been better to just leave it there but since snow will be falling today according to the forecast, it'll get all wet if I leave it be.

Since there's no sign that she noticed and came back for it, I suppose I'll just hand it over to the dormitory's administrator.