What to do to make money at home online

What to do to make money at home online

His mother’s voice came through the phone. “Huh? No need. Just do your work over there. Mom wants to ask you something. How much... have you saved up?”

Pei Qian was stunned. “Huh?”

Pei Qian had been home quite often since they were so close.

However, the two old men did not allow him to return much. That was because they knew that their son was doing very well in Fei Huang Workspace. He must be very busy with work. They wanted him to busy himself with work while he was still young.

Especially when the box office of Mission and Choice exploded a while ago, it made the two old men overjoyed.

They all felt that their son probably obtained a lot of dividends since the box office was so high, right?

They were genuinely happy for their son.

Why were they asking about money this time?

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Pei Qian answered truthfully. “About three million yuan.”

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His mother was obviously shocked. “Huh? You’ve earned so much money in such a short time?”

“Don’t work too hard, then. Take care of your body.”

Pei Qian was a little helpless. “I know, my work isn’t really busy.”

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What he said was true. He was not busy at all with work. In fact, he was even living rather healthily. However, he needed very strong psychological adjustment ability. Otherwise, he would sooner or later become sick from anger.

Parents were like that. When their son starts on his career, they would tell him to work hard. When he made more money, they immediately worried about his health.

However, how much money was that to Pei Qian?

For a person who had obtained the System, he had only three million yuan in Personal Wealth after three years. It was still shy of five million yuan even if he were to add the house he had bought previously!

It was an utter disgrace!

In fact, if everything went well, he could earn three or four million yuan in a cycle. However, things didn’t go well.

Alright, on the bright side, at least one cycle passed without any mishaps. The starting sum of the System Funds was getting higher and higher, and the theoretical upper limit of income from losing money was getting higher and higher.