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Mobile online making money a day 20

He could not help but feel surprised. Wasn’t this the classic way of splitting roles based on his own memory?

Something was amiss.

All of a sudden, Pei Qian felt like he had just traveled through time. The three lanes were still named in the same way: top, middle, and bottom. However, the ‘jungler’ and ‘support’ roles were now called ‘wanderer’ and ‘commander’. Based on Pei Qian’s memory, this method of splitting roles had already been employed in season one of IOI.

The game had not been completed in season one, and the method of splitting roles had still been left up to the teams to deal with in any way they wanted. However, during the world competition, Europe’s elite team had figured out that splitting the roles in this way could guarantee that the team’s resources would be maximized.

After that, this way of splitting roles was termed the ‘EU Way’. It became more and popular until Riot Games made it the standard way of splitting roles in the game.

The facts had proven that splitting roles in this way was way more advantageous than cheating.

The biggest benefit was that it made the game much easier for newbies to pick the skills up.

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Every lane had a clear goal, appropriate heroes, and strategies. Even if new players did not understand the game, they could still focus on doing their duties in their respective lanes. That meant a team of five newbies could still do very well.

Team members did not have to fight for resources among themselves and cause bitterness before the game even began.

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However, such a strategy should only have arisen about a year later.

Why was it coming up in GOG? Although the names of the roles were different, the overall effect was still the same.

Further, Pei Qian wondered who had been so despicable as to call the ‘supporter’ a ‘commander’. It was no wonder that someone like Ma Yang, who loved recognition, would willingly take up a role like that.

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Pei Qian had a bad feeling about this. However, after some thought, he decided not to panic or become anxious. He had just entered the game, and he had to wait until he had fully experienced it before he made a decision.

Pei Qian first tried out ‘Coin-Scattering Hedgehog’s moves.

Its passive skill was spending money.

Hitting Q caused it to scatter coins after being stabbed in the back.

Hitting W caused it to chase its employees away, forbidding them from working overtime.