What are the online ways to make money?

What are the online ways to make money?

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“In addition, such a shopping-mall style is too common. There is nothing new at all, which is completely inconsistent with the Thriller Hostel theme.

“Transform the entire mall into a maze and hide all the peripheral goods within the maze. Make it so that most customers would not be able to find the store and would exit accidentally. “Hmm, I think you better not say anything, I’ll let Chen Kangtuo know.”

Pei Qian emphasized that the identity of the Manage Loss Trainees should not be revealed. As to why such a design scheme was chosen... the reason was very simple. Make Boss Li and the others bleed out by selling as little as possible!

Renovations cost a lot in the first place. The costs would only snowball now that it had become a maze filled with walls.

Hmph, who asked you to backstab me?!

Don’t blame me for doing things harshly since you asked Tengda to come up with the plan while you pay for the renovations!

Wouldn’t you continue to pester me endlessly if I did not cause you to lose big?

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The main reason was that this group of investors followed Boss Pei wherever he invested. Many projects, which were originally not profitable, became profitable because of them.

Once the myth of Boss Pei’s invincibility was shattered and Boss Li and the rest suffered a huge loss, these people would naturally disperse. Boss Pei would then be able to find his happy little corner to lose money.

All the Manage Loss Trainees completed their reports in no time.

Pei Qian could not help but feel relieved from the bottom of his heart after summarizing the contents of today’s meeting.

Great, the Manage Loss Trainees system had achieved initial results!

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If it was not for these Manage Loss Trainees, Pei Qian would not have grasped the latest developments of Fish-Catching Take-Out fitness meals or the situation at the Thriller Hostel

Boss Pei’s degree of control over the various projects had significantly been enhanced with the Manage Loss Trainees. None of the clues of making profits would be able to escape Boss Pei’s eyes!