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He was not worried about Ma Yang lazing around and spending money in secret. That was because Pei Qian had requested that all investments in Dream Realization Ventures had to be approved by him after the previous venture into Finger Games.

Dream Realization Ventures must not have spent a single cent if no one had asked for instructions.

Here was the question then. What was he doing if Ma Yang was not spending any money?

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“Tengda Network Technology Co., Ltd.?”

“They want to come to our studios for a learning exchange?”

Zhou Muyan was befuddled.

This was the first time that he had heard of a gaming company wanting to conduct a learning exchange with another!

Something as such was typically done by university students for experiential learning to prepare themselves for working life post school.

Yet, there was never a gaming company that would organize something as such for its employees!

At least not domestically.