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“You told us to relax in the near future during the recent meeting and not to worry about the IOI domestic server. Is that because you had this news in advance?

“You’ve already decided to sell all 20%!s(MISSING)hares and agency rights for the domestic server?

“I understand now, Boss Pei! I have nothing else; goodbye!”

Lin Wan hung up.

Pei Qian remained silent as question marks filled his mind.

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Who said I want to sell the shares and agency rights for IOI’s domestic server? Don’t interpret it blindly!

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How could he sell it?

The shares in Pei Qian’s hands were at least worth 40 million US dollars. If he were to sell all of them, according to the ratio of 1000:1, it could only be converted into nearly 300,000 yuan.

Pei Qian’s goal this cycle was to lose eight million yuan, to transform it to 800,000 yuan! There would be a difference of 500,000 yuan if he were to do it!

Moreover, Pei Qian did not want to give up the IOI domestic server which was a money-burning tree. Finally, it was something good to be used. If he were to keep it, it was possible for him to lose millions easily; how could he sell it?

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What nonsense!

Pei Qian did not bother to say anything. Do what you want, Dayak Corporation. I concede defeat if I say I ‘will sell’.

However, Pei Qian still checked some information about Dayak Corporation.

It was a world-class multinational group that occupied an important position in the water business, transportation, energy, media, and the like. It was one of the top five media companies in the world with more than two billion US dollars in yearly sales. They were notorious in their preference for acquiring game companies.

Many large companies acquired game companies because of the decision-making power of the games companies so they would allow the companies to maintain independence without excessive interference.