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Zhang Wei answered, “That’ll be easy to arrange. In any case, the school assigns students doing post-graduate studies to mark both college entrance examinations and government officials’ recruitment tests as well.

“They can help your company to mark examinations during staggered periods. I’ll speak to the head of the university to arrange this. There shouldn’t be a problem.”

Pei Qian spoke again. “I also want to donate a sum of money to needy students in school.” Zhang Wei replied, “Of course, that’ll be great! How do you plan to do that though? Do you want to refer to the school’s list of needy students?”

Pei Qian shook his head. “I hope to refer to the school’s Campus Card System. I will shortlist those who visit the canteen many times in a month but don’t spend much each time. Then, the school can conduct a check on these students’ financial backgrounds.

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“I will provide five hundred yuan each month for the next five months to the needy students among them. This sum can be used to secure their basic needs.

“I’ll fund a total of two thousand people.”

Zhang Wei remained silent for a moment and then said, “Alright, I thank you on behalf of these students.”

After hanging up, Zhang Wei felt slightly emotional.

He hadn’t been an instructor for long, but he had already heard about and seen many outstanding students.

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Some accomplished their entire university syllabus in just two or three years, had the programs they compiled included in the school’s teaching material, and went on to fill core roles in large companies and take up huge projects.

Some represented the country in major chess championships and won first place. Some devoted their efforts to science and research, released many academic theses, and obtained many unique patents.

They had those who had helped the needy and the community with a passion, those who had obtained many international design awards and who had been given advanced offers by large-scale companies, and those who had rescued others in the face of danger.

A university was a place filled with talents. Handong University was also one of the country’s key universities. It was no surprise that more and more talents were entering the school each year.