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I glanced at the other seats. This usually is for 4 players, but now only Shota and I are playing. I can’t find an excuse for losing at this stage. Basically, while there are bots in the race, those are just for fun only.

After the introductory clip, the camera focused on the start.

The lights that signal the start appeared as the countdown began.

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Red light…red light…green light!

Once the green light appeared, all the cars started to charge forward. Shota stepped onto the gas in time for a starting boost. While I…

“Boom! Sssssss…”


I ultimately failed as the car turned off its engine. Satoshi laughed hysterically at the back…Ouch!

“I-I’m just slacking off for you, that’s right.”

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“You suck!”

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Shota laughed while controlling the steering wheel masterfully and raced ahead of the bots at 1st place. Ah, crap, is he actually a pro?

I immediately rushed forward and grabbed the power-ups placed along the track. They are meant to save the losers. Players can randomly get power-ups that either stunt the opponents or boost themselves and gain an advantage. The lower the place you are in, the better power-ups you will get.

Shota being at 1st place only granted him power-ups that slightly boosted his speed. While I…

“Yes, crash into all them!”

I got the rocket power-up which enlarges my kart, increases my top speed, and grants me the ability to knock other opponents away.

“Ah, that’s cheating.” Satoshi mumbled.

“W-Why is this cheating? This is a legit strategy!”

‘That’s a cunning strategy! Give it your all, big bro!”