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The excited president and senpais quickly came running to me.

「Thank you very much. It was a tough fight, but I somehow managed to win.」

When the four of us were having such a conversation, the president put her hand to her mouth as though remembering something.

「Ah, sorry… Your treatment comes first before talking.」

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When she turned towards the infirmary,

「…No, there is no need for that though.」

Lilim-senpai said, looking at my body.

「Both of you, take a good look at Allen’s body. The wound is already healing.」


The three of us raised our voices at the same time.

「What… on earth?!」

「I-It has already started to heal?!」Ferris-senpai said.

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「Oh, it really has…」

The deep sword wound that should have been on my chest was almost completely healed.

Even the bleeding had stopped completely. It looked like a wound that was sustained a few days ago.