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Also, we have the readers.

Whether you are a loyal follower or started reading after watching the anime, I sincerely appreciated your support.

The original <Gamers!> will still continue. However, I’ll always remind myself not to forget my “initial goals,” just like Amano. I hope I can create the upcoming stories sincerely. It would be my honor if everyone can continue reading. …Ah, but please relax, at least this won’t suddenly turn into a gaming duel novel in the next episode (laughs).

Well, we’ll see each other in Volume 10, which is expected to release in Spring 2018!

Sekina Aoi

Translator: your_pingas

The bell that urges the students to leave the school rang across the classroom under the sunset.

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A bus drove into the roundabout outside and raised a bunch of delicate snowflakes.

The students walking outside look pretty cheerful. They are chatting happily with their friends or club members as they are going home. Everyone’s enjoying their respective after-school time.

This is no exception for the 5 guys and girls in the Game Hobby Club.

We’re also setting up the scene at a corner of the 2F classroom with the “Hobby Club” flag. The five of us are still messing with each other today just as usual- or that should be the case. However…


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I looked around, and 4 servings of suffocating eyes are staring at me in silence.

I feel like I’m in an extremely stressful interview right now.

…It’s hard to blame them.

The reason is because of me, Keita Amano.

I’m facing these 4 people, …Tendou-san, Uehara-kun, Chiaki, and Aguri-san-

“…I’m really sorry.”